Fund Executives provides professional, independent director services to the asset management and alternatives investment space. Structures include alternatives such as hedge funds, private equity, real-estate funds and bespoke SPVs, as well as traditional approach investment and UCITS funds.

Services are offered across all geographic regions, with roles typically being carried out in the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg. Services offered in Cayman Islands include directorship on both typical master-feeder structures and investment managers, as well as bespoke vehicles. In Luxembourg, Fund Executives has broad experience with UCITS, SIFs, special purpose vehicles and private equity structures.

Fund Executives mandates and experience cover a range of strategies across the capital structure from liquid public equity, through to credit, structured credit, off market hybrids, and private equity.

With the benefit of extensive experience in the financial sector, Fund Executives is able to provide objective, independent advice and guidance. Examples include input on best standards of governance, navigating an increasingly complex regulatory environment, the appointment of high-quality service providers, and on market practice in the negotiation of commercial terms