The fund management industry has witnessed increased demand for greater corporate governance in recent years. A professionally managed board is not only an essential part of sound corporate governance and business practice, but it is now a pre-requisite for the investor community. The asset management investor base is increasingly rigorous around its requirements for the constitution of a board and the corresponding due diligence is now a normal part of the investment process.

Directors are now required to have a deep understanding of the industry and extensive, relevant experience. Independence from the manager is also a primary requirement, so that the investors’ interest are properly addressed.

Fund Executives meets this demand by providing offshore-domiciled, specialist director services which are independent from the fund managers and are based on many years of direct, relevant fund servicing experience. Directors’ capacity is managed, to ensure they have sufficient time to devote to each client. Fund Executives adheres to codes of conduct, and directors undertake continuous education and professional development