Fund Executives was founded in 2011 in order to meet the increasing demand for professional, independent directors.

As the asset management and alternatives sectors have matured, the professional investment community often has essential requirements regarding board constituents, independence and experience.

Fund Executives addresses these requirements by offering several key benefits:


Investors now require the board to be ‘arm’s length’ from the manager. Fund Executives is completely independent from any manager or service providers, and acts as a stand-alone business.


Relevant, up-to-date expertise is essential in order to understand the fund’s strategy, nature of the underlying investments and overall infrastructure. Fund Executives has many years of advisory experience in the sector and is in constant review of all such issues.

Managed capacity

The Financial Times and New York Times recently highlighted the fact that many directors sit on the boards of hundreds of funds. This volume approach is increasingly disapproved of by investors - it has an impact on the ability to perform fiduciary duties effectively. Fund Executives commits to a maximum number of board positions per director and provides complete transparency to clients.

Click here to read the FT and New York Times articles about Director capacity.

Professional service

Fewer mandates means more time for each client. Fund Executives directors always review documents and attend board meetings personally; there is no delegation of duties. The directors commit to availability at short notice for general guidance and input, and are always available to share their experience on the best standards of governance, trading documents, regulation, market practice and investor due diligence.